About us

GuruScan was born at Canon R&D. For the first time, we solved the core Knowledge Management challenge of finding the knowledge you need for your job. GuruScan spun out of Canon in 2009. In more than a decade since then, we learned from all customer engagements. All those learnings have added to our current set of solutions. GuruScan’s solutions are strongly rooted in science, from business to anthropology, but have all been proven in business environments and application. Guruscan believes in the unique knowledge and potential of all knowledge workers. We can help you to maximize your output by connecting people and knowledge.

Bart Verheijen

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mathieu Weggeman

That is as well how we connected to our prime ambassador, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mathieu Weggeman. If knowledge is key to your organization’s success, we support your strategic development.