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Knowledge Retirement
Risk Analysis

Situation: a large group of employees would retire soon, top management wanted to know if any core experts were in this retiree group.

Outcome: Guruscan found the core experts in strategic knowledge topics. Knowledge redundancy was achieved by implementing an HR retainment strategy for their surrounding colleagues.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Situation: Eminent retirement of knowledgeable group-members and not identified as an urgent matter by top management.

Outcome: Management approval for proactive hiring new team members and knowledge handover from experts.


Additional uses: knowledge-driven onboarding of new hires and personal development from 360 degrees knowledge feedback.

Case photo with 'Strategic Workforce Planning' as text
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International Expert Mapping

Situation: For a multinational in the technology sector it is unclear who works in a specific field of expertise, and within the field, it is unclear who knows what

Outcome: A knowledge map with over 400 people who work on this specific field of expertise with a clear overview of who works on what and who is already connected to whom, thereby increasing efficiency and improving ways of working significantly.

Accelerating Innovation

Situation: identifying and aligning the people from different competencies and locations into one innovation project.

Outcome: more than 170 relevant knowledge areas and 150 experts were identified thereby improving internal and external collaboration with strategic partners.

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    “The Team Accelerator analysis with Guruscan´s technology proved to be very fast and effective. It gave us a comprehensive insight in people, network and knowledge that is usually hidden below the surface. This insight is very valuable in our development process.”

    (Bart Brink, director Smart Solutions at RoyalhaskoningDHV)

    “We used the Guruscan technology to run an ExpertFinder analysis and it showed us the cultural change agents really fast and easy. This gave us the crucial information we needed to accelerate our cultural change program.”

    (Dirk de Backer, HR Director at Terbeke)