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The city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands is considered number one in the innovation of agriculture, 3D systems, and smart health applications in the world. Furthermore, Eindhoven is declared as the smartest region in the world. A recent publication in Trouw gives insight into why this is the case:

  • Science, institutes, companies, industry, a properly functioning legal system and financial sector, and the government all COLLABORATE!
  • Networks become bigger and by being located in the same hub, meeting each other is easy.
  • Collaboration is an important factor of success. Through collaboration, everything comes together and creates a fertile environment for innovation.
  • The importance of collaboration between universities and companies should be reconsidered.
  • A culture of openness is given priority in the area.

As a result of this collaboration between different institutions, the following results were achieved:

  • Brainport Eindhoven is number 15 in the world in the industrial revolution.
  • Philips drives most of the patent applications.
  • TU Eindhoven and TNO play an important catalytic role in knowledge development.
  • The Government made 20 billion euro available for a National Growth Fund to invest in initiatives

As you can see, to be the number one in the world you have to work together. You cannot do it on your own. This applies anywhere, everywhere, just think about it.

Of course, the abovementioned points are not the only reasons for how to achieve success. In our previous blog It’s better together; here is why:, you will find more reasons why working together is the best.

What’s the most compelling reason to collaborate for you?

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Source: https://www.trouw.nl/economie/eindhoven-is-een-koploper-op-het-gebied-van-innovatie-met-dank-aan-de-typisch-nederlandse-cultuur-van-samenwerken~b8b15f50/?utm_campaign=shared_earned&utm_medium=social&utm_source=whatsapp

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