Knowledge Booster action!

The GuruScan Knowledge Booster is the ideal and superfast knowledge network inventory.
It is ideally suited to visualize the collective informal knowledge network of your team. It will take your team only 1 hour to visualize it.
The Knowledge Booster has three phases:

Scoping and preparation
o What’s your challenge
o Who should participate
o When do you want to do the group session
o Organize the (online) meeting
o Invite and inform all participants

Execution of the Knowledge Inventory workshop (with all participants)
o Step one: Knowledge brainstorm
o Step two: Connect experts to the knowledge
o Step three: Participant’s knowledge

Analysis and follow-up
o Correct typos and other small errors
o Deduplicate experts
o Deduplicate topics
o Structure topics hierarchically
o Assess individual knowledge -> Development goals
o Assess team knowledge -> Knowledge risks
o Assess Knowledge network -> Find key knowledge holders
o Assess People network -> Find bottle-necks

We offer three different versions of the Knowledge Booster. All work with the exact same software and bring you the exact same functionality. The only difference is in the level of guidance you need from us.

1. Self Service (Do it Yourself)
a. You do the Scoping and preparation yourself.
b. We will prepare and deliver the GuruScan tooling.
c. You get up to 25 user accounts.
d. The GuruScan facilitator guides the Workshop (online).
e. You do the Analysis and follow-up.
f. Free use of the online knowledge guide for 6 weeks.

2. Best Value deal
a. Everything from the Self Service version.
b. 30 minute Scoping meeting with you and the GuruScan facilitator.
c. 30 minute Analysis meeting with you and the GuruScan facilitator.

3. Full service version
a. Everything from the Best Value deal.
b. Your logo and company color styling.
c. Extended Scoping to 60 minutes meeting.
d. Extended Analysis to 60 minutes meeting.

Order before Christmas and you will kickstart 2024 with a blast and at a discount.
Self Service Knowledge Boosters available for € 700 (normal price € 1100) >>ORDER<<
Best value Knowledge Boosters available for € 1000 (normal price € 1500) >>ORDER<<
Full Service Knowledge Boosters available for € 1600 (normal price € 2500) >>ORDER<<

Keep in mind that this is a limited offer and first come, first serve. Prices are excluding VAT. The execution of the workshop is scheduled after payment and can be any day before March 31st 2024. GuruScan Terms and Conditions apply, data will be stored in the EU and under GDPR compliancy.
You can run multiple integrated sessions if you have more than 25 people in your project.

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