Knowledge sharing is interaction

Effective knowledge sharing means interaction, preferably face to face.

“We can tell an idea to someone over an email, but you can’t interact over email. It can happen over the phone but it’s best done in person.” (Simon Sinek)

Sharing knowledge means, amongst others, listening, interacting, being able to ask questions, and building upon responses. To do this, you need so much more than the contents of an email or quick text message.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement and therefore in this blog; I would like to share this video with you. The other point Mr. Sinek makes, What “Leaders eat last” means, is a great lesson as well.

To stimulate the right interaction for your business, it is good to have an overview of the network in your organisation. If you want to know more about how GuruScan can help you create such an overview, let´s chat!

Source: What “Leaders eat last” Means 
by Simon Sinek (

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