Over Kennis Gesproken

Podcast Knowledge Sharing

Daphne Depassé has a podcast series called “Over kennis Gesproken”/”Let’s talk about knowledge”, where she has guests that put knowledge management in practice. She invited GuruScans founder Bart Verheijen for the third episode in this series.

Bart shares the fundamentals on the GuruScan knowledge management approach. There’s an insight in the reasons for starting GuruScan in the first place.

From a practical perspective Bart also shares his experience with a short practical Personal Knowledge Mastery workshop he did with Harold Jarche, check out Personal Knowledge Mastery to learn more. PKM is a simple yet powerful self-assessment to improve your network. If you want to read more on Barts experience, check out his blogpost on it.

This podcast shows multiple insights in organizing knowledge and knowledge work.

We also recommend you to listen to the earlier episodes of this podcast with Katja Pasman (HvA and Innovator in learning environment), and Auke de Ridder (Water Authority Drenthe). You can find the podcast here: https://www.depasse.nl/podcast-over-kennis-gesproken

Disclaimer: The podcast is in Dutch. If you want to learn more about GuruScan, feel free to reach out to us!

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