Use case 2 – Accelerated Building Information Model (BIM) adoption

Situation: implementing and adopting Building Information Models (BIM) for projects required a strong knowledge insight and the identification of key BIM experts across the organization.

Outcome: Connectivity between isolated experts increased and BIM adoption accelerated with 27%.

RoyalhaskoningDHV is a leading global consultancy and engineering firm. It employs over 6000 employees and has a strong global presence. The core of their work is knowledge work and advancing new ways of working throughout the company as fast as possible, gives RoyalhaskoningDHV a strong competitive advantage.

Using Building Information Models (BIM) for projects was one of those new ways of working. To promote its usage, the internal and external experts had to be linked to specific knowledge. The detailed knowledge areas and a large group of experts made this a challenge in itself.

Bart Brink (director Smart Solutions): β€œAt RoyalhaskoningDHV we see new technologies change the way we do our business. Developments like using Building Information Models require new capabilities for our employees. Linking experts on these capabilities across the company through networks and knowledge, is key.”

Together with the BIM team management, GuruScan conducted a Team Accelerator analysis with our technology to quickly harvest and visualize the knowledge and the network of internal BIM specialists.
During the analysis, the BIM team mapped out more than 100 knowledge topics in our app and these were connected to more than 150 experts. The resulting knowledge network and knowledge guide were presented to the whole BIM team and made available within the company. This enabled direct and quick localization of BIM knowledge whenever needed.