Business case 3 – International Expert Mapping

Situation: for a Technology Multinational it is unclear who works in a specific field of expertise, and within the field it is unclear who knows what.

Outcome: a knowledge map with over 400 people who work on this specific field of expertise with a clear overview of who works on what and who is already connected to whom, thereby increasing efficiency and improving ways of working significantly.

A technology multinational with teams spread all over the world wants to know for a certain technological field of expertise who is working on it in the different departments. The departments represent different steps in the value chain like R&D, factory, distribution, and customer service. The company noticed that for this specific field of expertise, work is very much done in silos. It is impossible to oversee the entire value chain and it is not clear to management or experts who else works in this field.

The company faces the challenge of aligning development throughout the value chain in order to deliver quality products in an effective way. In some ways, this is a classic example of a big company where it is very difficult to know who does what and who knows what.

Currently, Customer Service is solving a lot of the arising issues because they are the last in line of the value chain. This leads to overworked service staff sometimes solving the same issues multiple times.

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 21.38.20
Figure: knowledge network map with all experts worldwide working on the subject matter, connections amongst each other and degree of expertise

With the GuruScan Knowledge Network technology, we conducted an analysis of the entire workforce that had something to do with this field of expertise independent of the scope of their responsibilities or location.

We created a knowledge map with over 400 people who worked on one or multiple, knowledge topics in this field. The knowledge map covers both the top experts in the field as well as the employees only involved in one small topic.

The knowledge map instantly shows who is working on what and who knows what. This makes it much easier to contact the right person for specific activities or questions. And it immediately increases efficiency and quality by avoiding miscommunication or even lack of communication.

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